Thermoactive Workout Hot Gel Massage Ball 7oz


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  • Heat activated gel 206gr that helps burn fat. Should be used at night or with exercise.
  • Fresher Skin
  • Smoother Skin
  • Reduction of the cellulitis
  • Lighter Legs
  • This hot gel, active and favors the circulation
  • Reduce the fatty weave located that is accumulated under the skin, having molded the silhouette and helping to reduce of size.
  • Its hot effect favors the perspiration and elimination of fat and toxins, avoiding and diminishing the cellulitis.
  • With the increase of the circulation, we will obtain a transformation of the fat for to be easier eliminated during the workout.
  • Gives a better appearance to the skin toning up it , giving firmness and causing that the silhouette sharpens, and the skin will have a hydrated and smooth appearance.
  • Helps to prevent the accumulation of water in superficial weaves and stimulate the elimination of the accumulated fat.


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